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Implementation of the OGGY energy management system

We recently launched OGGY (Off-Grid Genesal energY), our company energy management system. When put into operation in conjunction with certain other systems currently in development, it will open the door to Genesal becoming energy self-sufficient.

OGGY is an energy management system which uses a control algorithm to allow us to store energy from different sources in an array of storage systems for later use, opening up the possibility of becoming independent from the grid supply. It also allows us to monitor in real time both the energy production and the demand of the factory itself as well as our offices, air conditioning system and electric vehicle chargers, among others, enabling us to adjust our energy mix to ensure an optimal balance at all times.

The most important component of the system is the energy management algorithm, which allows us to monitor our energy generation and consumption points in order to ensure optimal use of energy from storage at all times through intelligent storage. The system control algorithm continuously analyses the status of our energy generation, storage, and consumption and makes use of the predictions generated in factory testing to optimise system settings at all times.

Our energy production points are:

  • The test bench where we test each and every one of the generator sets we manufacture.
  • Our solar panel array on the roof of bay B27, which has 126 panels totalling 57 kW.
  • The photovoltaic glass on the facade of bays B28 and B27, which consists of 93 panels totalling 13.1 kW.
  • The back-up network in case of system failure.

Our storage systems are:

  • A lithium-ion battery rack (phase 1); 14 modules providing a total of 92 kWh of power./li>
  • Generation of green hydrogen for storage (phase 2).

The consumers in this case are:

  • Our own facilities in bays B28 and B27.