Our challenge in 2022: sustainability without excuses

Progress on the road to cleaner and more sustainable energy models is being made every day. At Genesal Energy we are travelling down that road, and we do not intend to lose our way. There is no plan B for the planet. We are very much aware that the ecological transition must be an ongoing endeavour, which is why a large number of the projects we participated in during 2021 were focused on sustainability.

For the same reason, our future efforts – in both the short and medium term – will focus on meeting the targets of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); we are implementing a process of identifying and prioritising those that most apply to us, many of which are already an integral part of our business strategy.

At Genesal Energy we are very proud of how we managed the challenges of the pandemic during 2021, and we welcome the new year with a number of exciting projects in the works related to two of the core components of our business strategy: internationalisation and a commitment to innovation.

Continued growth

Our commitment to research – as a tool which enables us to stand out in the energy market – has been a defining feature of our trajectory as a company, and has helped us expand both nationally and internationally since our foundation. In a highly competitive market, making full use of new technologies in the products we design is key to ensuring continued growth.

In the latter part of 2021, a year of transition due to the health crisis, Genesal Energy began to take part in in-person events once again; we were happy to be able to participate in the Mindtech Fair, for example, held in September in the city of Vigo. This fair is one of the most important in Europe for the energy industry, and we were able to demonstrate elements of what we already do and also much of what we intend to achieve in the future during the transition to green energy.

At our stand we showcased our Hybrid Microgeneration system, which combines several batteries powered by different renewable sources, our generator sets with integrated diesel engines which comply with EU Stage V regulations and our line of gas-powered units. These are three clear examples of our progress on the path to energy efficiency and achieving emissions neutrality by 2050. We intend to increase our investment in products which prioritise energy efficiency during 2022, because we believe this is the way forward if we want to save the planet. We are doing our part.

Genesal Energy Stage V Generator Sets

Proactivity is one of our guiding principles when it comes to creating consistently cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. We have made our commitment to renewable energy a reality, and this was once again in evidence over the last twelve months: in our contribution to the development of the future Fenicias wind farm in Mexico, for example, which will reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by more than 320,000 tonnes per year, and to the supply of emergency energy to the substation of a large photovoltaic power plant in Atacama, Chile, one of the largest energy projects in that country.

We also manufactured a generator set for Cabrera Solar, the largest photovoltaic power plant in Andalusia and one of the largest in Europe, in another demonstration of our commitment to sustainability.

Genesal Energy Group installed in a wind farm

The future is called hydrogen

Alongside the gradual transition to gas, hydrogen will play a key role on the road to sustainability. We are involved in a number of projects in this area, such as the development of emergency systems for green hydrogen plants in Barcelona and Ciudad Real, which produce energy without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We are very aware of the importance of leading by example; in addition to designing generator sets for sustainable facilities, we seek to apply the same philosophy at home. One of our newest projects is the development of a photovoltaic façade for our headquarters in Spain. We believe that every contribution is valuable.

The future photovoltaic façade at our headquarters

Our R&D&I department is the beating heart of the company, the lab where ideas are born, and special projects are dreamed up. It is where we develop the ad hoc solutions that have opened many doors for us in a diversified and ever-changing energy market.

Our diverse range of machines are adaptable to every scenario and fits all needs. Our bespoke solutions guarantee success. This can be seen in the machines we design to withstand extreme temperatures around the world, from Algeria, where in 2021 we collaborated in the creation of the Sonelgaz plant, capable of operating at 55°C, to Qatar, where we transport generator sets to the desert.

Our generator sets for low-temperature environments, such as the one we created for the LitPol Link substation, part of the interconnection power lines between Poland and Lithuania, are also at the cutting edge of the industry. This year we will continue to improve our lease range, already well established in Peru and Mexico.

 Our lease range facilities at Genesal Energy Mexico

The pandemic cast a shadow over all aspects of our lives this past year. However, despite all the negative effects of the health crisis, one silver lining is that Genesal Energy has been considered an essential service throughout. This is why we have more positive energy than ever. We are conducting research, making steady progress, and strengthening our foundations. We contribute to ensuring the safety of critical infrastructure and facilities such as hospitals, ports and airports, and design emergency energy solutions for the service industry in hotels, office complexes, and administrative buildings, among others.

Close collaboration with our clients and a comprehensive service which involves us taking charge of the entire process, from design to the manufacture, delivery, installation and maintenance of each of the units that come out of our factory, are part of our identity. In addition to these characteristics, sustainability is now a key aspect of our business, an unapologetic commitment to clean and sustainable energy. This is the future we must strive for.