The Genesal Energy Faculty of Energy Transition advocates for women in the energy industry

This morning seven women with positions of responsibility in the energy industry opened the first Seminar on Women in STEM and the Energy Transition: Accelerating Progress towards Sustainability, held at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) School of Engineering and organised by the Genesal Energy Faculty of Energy Transition.

At the seminar opening Enrique Roca, the faculty director, spoke about the importance of increasing the visibility of women engineers and professionals in STEM fields in order to promote parity, which remains a long way away; according to experts, women in STEM will finally achieve parity in 2050. The director pointed out that today only 29% of women in the energy industry, and in STEM fields in general, hold positions of responsibility.

Rocío Vega Martínez, from the Digitalisation Department at Reganosa; Beatriz Mato Otero, Director of Corporate Development and Sustainability at Greenalia; María Landeira Suárez, Naturgy’s Delegate for Renewable Development in Galicia; Ángeles López Agüera, university professor representing the Energy Sustainable Applications Group; Ángeles Santos Casal, HR Director at Genesal Energy; Rebeca Acebrón San Miguel, CEO of Acebrón Group, and Marta Gómez Palenque, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha’s Head of Circular Economy all spoke at the seminar, which addressed issues related to the energy transition and the future of renewables in an industry that is committed to leaving fossil fuels behind.

The seminar was held at the offices of the Faculty of Energy Transition in the School of Engineering (ETSE), and marked the beginning of its calendar of academic events.

The Faculty of Energy Transition is an initiative of the A Coruña-based company Genesal Energy in collaboration with USC. It was created in December of last year, and its goals include promoting collaboration between public bodies and private enterprise, increasing education and employment opportunities, and raising awareness about energy transition and more sustainable energy models.