Innovation and energy transition, our biggest challenges for 2023

Sustainability is not a new concern for us at Genesal Energy. Even when few in the industry were thinking about the concept, when it was still considered a passing fad, we were taking it seriously. We began work on a detailed action plan aimed at maximising the energy efficiency of all the projects that bear our name. This commitment to clean energy and the environment has moved from theory to practice and has made it possible for us to complete all of the tasks we set ourselves for 2022.

We have wrapped up a number of projects and implemented important initiatives such as the Faculty of Energy Transition, the first in Galicia, created in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).

Faculty of Energy Transition

2022 marked the beginning of a wonderful adventure full of possibilities. Within a year of its inauguration the faculty presented its first awards for the best undergraduate and master’s degree theses; going forward these awards will be presented annually to students who have done outstanding work on issues related to energy transition and sustainability.

Many challenges await us in 2023, and environmental guidelines are essential; our intention is to build on the progress made in 2022 in order to achieve the best possible results. We intend to strengthen our commitment to the 2030 Agenda and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by implementing new processes to identify and prioritise the areas which are most relevant to the company, many of which already form an integral part of our business strategy.

Energy Transition Plan

2023 will also be the year in which we launch our Energy Transition Plan at the corporate, production and industry levels; we are steadfast in our conviction that the fight against climate change is a moral obligation that demands a long-term commitment, and that words are not enough: change requires action.

This is why we will continue to research and develop sustainable and increasingly efficient solutions throughout 2023, not only for our customers, but also for the company itself.

One of our most exciting projects in this regard is the installation of the first integrated photovoltaic façade in Galicia at our headquarters in Bergondo, A Coruña, which will be 100% operational at the beginning of the year. This achievement is just the beginning of what we want to do in the medium and long term.


We went a step further on our crusade for sustainability and energy transition in 2022, taking concrete action in the form of several specific initiatives. Going forward these will be managed through Greenesal, a thoughtful, well-planned and ambitious programme designed to make a difference in terms of sustainability. We are confident that 2023 will be its year.

Reducing the carbon footprint of all our facilities, hosting courses, seminars and conferences, and promoting collaboration between public bodies and private enterprise in order to encourage R&D&I projects are all part of a long list of initiatives planned by Genesal Energy for the next twelve months.

Data centres and healthcare

Proactivity is one of the company’s guiding principles on our quest to create unique, high-quality, customised energy solutions which are as respectful as possible of the planet. The development of projects for two green hydrogen plants, the design and manufacture of a generator set for a large recycling plant which aspires to be an industry leader in Spain, and equipment designed to ensure a continuous supply of electricity at the new Mint in Madrid are among the solutions developed in 2022 by our engineering department. All of these projects use Genesal Energy customised generator sets; we monitor and oversee the entire purchase and installation process with our clients from minute one, up to and including post-sales maintenance. This is, without a doubt, one of the most important ways in which we add value for our clients, a point of difference which we will continue to improve.

Genesal Energy’s roadmap for the new year is focused on sectors with strong potential for growth in terms of energy use, such as data centres, everything related to renewable energy and the development of energy solutions in fields such as healthcare and strategic defence.

In the ongoing search for competitive advantage, our Distributed Energy Technology Centre (CETED in the Spanish acronym) will continue to play an essential role in our commitment to manufacturing high quality generator sets both for sale and for lease, a business model with a bright future and an increasingly important part of operations at our subsidiaries in Mexico and Peru.

The manufacture of customised generator sets, essential in all facilities and infrastructure related to communication and transport, will also be a priority, together with all of our projects aimed at increasing the use of clean energy sources.

And, of course, as a company founded almost 30 years ago with the dream of becoming an established player on the global market, international expansion and the search for new markets are key goals for the coming year, during which sustainability and energy transition will be our biggest challenges.