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A Fair Energy Transition for All: tackling energy poverty.

Completion of the Energy Transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources has been widely recognised by the international scientific community as a crucial objective in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. However, on this path we must not lose sight of a fundamental aspect when talking about energy: the so-called ‘energy trilemma’, […]

What is the carbon border adjustment mechanism and why is it so controversial?

  The EU proposes to apply a tariff on imported carbon-intensive products. The measure (CBAM) will be implemented in two phases, will come into force in 2026 and will initially apply to imports in sectors such as cement, hydrogen and electricity. As part of the fight against climate change, the European Union (EU) has launched […]

Energy transition and decarbonisation, an opportunity to seek sustainable industrial models.

One of humanity’s greatest challenges is the fight against climate change, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to reach a ceiling as soon as possible, but this implies carrying out a process of decarbonisation of current socio-economic systems and “transitioning” towards new efficient models in the use of resources, from raw materials to energy fluxes, […]

Sustainability. What it really is?

Over the last few years, the terms sustainability and sustainable development have been on everyone’s lips. Sustainable vehicles, sustainable fuels, sustainable fashion, sustainable food products… but do you really know what these concepts mean? What is sustainability? The concept of sustainable development was first recorded 36 years ago, with the publication in 1987 of the […]

Innovation and energy transition, our biggest challenges for 2023

Sustainability is not a new concern for us at Genesal Energy. Even when few in the industry were thinking about the concept, when it was still considered a passing fad, we were taking it seriously. We began work on a detailed action plan aimed at maximising the energy efficiency of all the projects that bear […]

What is Greenesal?

El cambio climático es una evidencia científica y un problema global que lamentablemente no se puede solucionar sin la colaboración de todos. Por este motivo, en el camino hacia la sostenibilidad las iniciativas individuales importan, aunque solo serán realidades si se llevan a la práctica.

We are committed to the HYDROGENSET concept

The production and storage of green hydrogen for use as fuel opens up new possibilities for sustainable energy generation with zero impact. In order to better understand the HYDROGENSET concept, it is important to first understand how hydrogen functions as an energy carrier. Hydrogen is the simplest and lightest element in the periodic table. Hydrogen […]

What is energy transition?

We have a plan! We created the Faculty of Energy Transitionand we have obtained official Carbon Footprint Calculation Certification as part of our commitment to sustainability. Digitalisation, renewable energy sources and energy carriers, and the transition to natural gas are the cornerstones of energy transition. Climate change is real. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), […]

New photovoltaic roof

We cannot put an end to the CO2 emissions of the entire planet, but we can do everything we can to limit emissions in our facilities. We have installed 126 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our headquarters in Bergondo, A Coruña. The work is part of the first phase of our OGGY energy management […]

Installation of photovoltaic façades at our facilities

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability and the goals laid out in the 2030 Agenda, we have begun installation of two photovoltaic facades at our headquarters in Bergondo. The project will stimulate innovation and will have a contribute directly to our pursuit of 6 of the 17 SDGs. The initiative is part of the […]