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New photovoltaic roof

We cannot put an end to the CO2 emissions of the entire planet, but we can do everything we can to limit emissions in our facilities. We have installed 126 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our headquarters in Bergondo, A Coruña.

The work is part of the first phase of our OGGY energy management project, and during phase 2 we will continue with the installation of photovoltaic facades. With a total power rating of 57.33kW, the 126 panels are key to our sustainability efforts: they will reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 20 tonnes per year.

Integration with the OGGY system is through MODBUS communication, which is essential in order for the system to be able to properly manage both the generation and consumption points and use the battery storage module to ensure a highly efficient energy supply to all our facilities.

We would like to thank Avanza for processing the subsidies, installing the panels and launching the system. We are making steady progress with our energy transition plan, little by little and step by step.